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The North Carolina Tortoise Sanctuary provides permanent homes for many species of turtles and other reptiles. We strive to keep our species in a “native” state, similar to the way they are naturally found throughout the world.

Over the years, we have adopted a variety of methods allowing us to fulfill the utmost in care and design re-created environments. We are always expanding and improving our enclosures to best fit the need of these wonderful animals.


If you have found an injured or displaced NC wild reptile (turtle, lizard, or snake) please call us at 919-817-7316

*It is our goal to return to the wild/release all native species of animals that are rehabilitated in our care*

Our licenses and skills pertain only to treating reptiles. If you have found injured wildlife other than a reptile, you can locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator (suited for the animal you have found) by going t0

Educational Outreach

Every year we receive hundreds of requests to share our animals with schools, camps, and other public/private events. It is our pleasure to fill as many of these requests as possible, and the revenue from programs fees helps fund the entire sanctuary operation. Our goal is to not only provide outstanding science education, but for our passion for these  animals to be contagious and inspiring to others. To join us at an event or to book a program, please visit our educational outreach program,

" The Traveling Tortoise " at


Although  we are primarily a sanctuary, we also provide local reptile adoption and home relocating. We gladly help with finding permanent home placement for pet reptiles/ amphibians.  If you are interesting in providing a home or have a reptile/know of a reptile in need of a new home,  please contact us .


Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.

Bruce Feiler​

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